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Insoles and Hand Foot Analysis

About Insoles and Hand Foot Analysis

Foot analysis is also known as foot scan. In a normal foot, first the outer part of the foot and then the front part press together with the arches. It should step in this way to ensure the dynamism of the foot. If the inner arch of the foot collapses, distortions in the form of compression occur. It may be necessary to use insoles to prevent this deterioration. He used to send the molds of his feet to the masters. Master’s knowledge and skill played an important role in making insoles. Technological developments have been experienced in the field of orthopedics. The opportunities provided by these technologies are utilized. In this way, the person is carried on the ground in the name of shyness. Then, how the foot touches the ground is recorded in the computer environment. The computer analyzes quickly. The computer memory simultaneously analyzes the patient’s weight, height and age. It is possible for people to have in-depth knowledge of pressure distribution by performing foot analysis.

What Happens If Compression Problems Are Not Treated With Foot Analysis?

If stepping problems are not treated with foot analysis, foot deformations may occur. Irritations from friction and pressure inevitably occur. However, the following situations may occur:

  • Inability to step on one’s feet in old age
  • inability to walk,
  • calluses,
  • decline in quality of life,
  • Early joint calcifications,
  • In order to avoid persistent foot pain, you should not neglect to have a foot analysis.

What is Sole Analysis?

Footbed analysis is performed to detect various orthopedic disorders. Some of the disorders that can be detected can be listed as follows:

  • heel spur,
  • Foot pressing in,
  • flat feet,
  • heel pain,
  • You can detect Achilles tendon injuries in a short time with analysis.

With the use of personalized insoles, the problem of the person can be eliminated. The quality of life of the person increases and a positive contribution is made in sports performance. While preparing personalized insoles, it is very important that the insoles do not become thick in the shoes. It can be produced for daily use.

What are the Benefits of Computerized Foot Analysis?

One of the benefits of computerized foot analysis is to determine the load distribution of both feet. In addition, asymmetry between the feet, surface width, foot axes, gait cycle, stance disorders due to body asymmetry can also be detected. When performing computerized foot analysis on patients, it is necessary to evaluate separately both while standing and walking. It can be measured in a way that people can have both fixed posture and walking. Thanks to foot scan, foot analysis and millimetric pressure calculation are made. It is possible to reach all kinds of details about the foot of the person. The person can show the doctor all kinds of information about his foot. Foot analysis results are a guide for the physician. It provides precise results.

Why Sole Analysis Should Be Done?

The reasons for performing foot sole analysis can be listed as follows:

  • Early diagnosis of non-foot problems is possible.
  • Body asymmetry can be diagnosed.
  • Early diagnosis can be made for gait disturbance and pressing.
  • Anyone from the age of 3 can have a foot analysis test.
  • It is possible to prepare personalized insoles.
  • It guides the person in choosing insoles.
  • After the treatment, the recovery is followed up.
  • Extreme pressure points are determined on the sole of the foot.
  • Evaluation and follow-up are done by a specialist physician.
  • If necessary, additional examinations such as x-rays may be requested.
  • Pronation defects can be detected.
  • Ankle supination can be detected.

How Does the Computerized Foot Analysis Process Proceed?

The computerized foot analysis process starts with the person going to the doctor. When you go to the doctor, the doctor will write you a prescription according to your illness. You go to the center with the prescription given by the doctor. You can have information about the stages that will take place here. Pressure differences are tested. Running, dynamic and static pressure differences are evaluated separately. In line with the results, only personalized insoles are produced. In this way, problems are solved. Especially those who have intense daily activities on the feet, those who will start sports, those who do sports and diabetics are at risk. These people must have a foot analysis.

What Special Solutions Are Produced After Sole Analysis?

Personalized D3D orthopedic insoles come first among the solutions produced after foot sole analysis . The person can choose the right shoes in line with these results. In addition, they can start treatment in accordance with the foot problems they have. Since the solutions are created individually, the existing problems are healed quickly. Problems do not recur. In addition, precautions are taken against problems that may occur in the future. There is a positive improvement in performance. Especially those with circulatory disorders, rheumatic diseases, overweight people, children and the elderly are at risk. These people must have foot sole analysis and give importance to foot health.

Can Computerized Foot Analysis Be Performed on Children?

Performing computerized foot analysis in children will not be meaningful for children under 7 years old. There is no age limit for foot analysis. Children may have more or less physiological flat feet. It is not necessary to give insoles to children before the age of 5, except in special cases. After the age of 7, suitable insoles can be made for flat feet. Computerized foot analysis results are used for the production of these insoles. Foot analysis results become a guide. Thanks to this analysis, it can be easily determined how much the child has benefited from the treatment. If the child is not treated, undesirable conditions such as foot deformations, ingrown nails, calluses and early calcification may occur. Therefore, foot health should be considered.

What are the Conditions Requiring Sole Analysis?

Situations requiring foot sole analysis can be listed as follows:

  • hammer finger,
  • ankle sprains,
  • ankle pain,
  • Posture, balance and pressing disorders
  • tarsal tunnel syndrome,
  • Achilles tendon problems
  • Little finger problems
  • ingrown nails,
  • Morton foot,
  • Don’t get tired quickly,
  • decrease in lung capacity,
  • high floor,
  • floor collapse,
  • sole thorn,
  • functional shortness of the leg,
  • spine curvature,
  • Callus,
  • It will be useful to perform a foot sole analysis for Haglung’s disease.

What is Baropodometric Computerized Foot Analysis?

Baropodometric computerized foot analysis is based on the execution of the patient on a special platform. The necessary analysis is performed while the patient is walking on this platform equipped with pressure sensors. This analysis method is generally used for static movement, gait and postural assessment. Data about the patient’s footpad comes from the sensors. It is possible to analyze these data with the help of special software. Displays are made on the computer screen and the report appears. If the person’s pressure or balance etc. If there are disorders, these disorders appear directly.

With the gait analysis test, the real problem of the person is revealed. This is very important for the physician to decide on the necessary treatment. The person can be easily followed. Treatment is evaluated objectively. If there is dysfunction in the foot, it is not possible to find the problem without measuring with dynamic tests. Foot scan technology is an advanced technology. With the help of foot pressure scanning and video analysis system, when the foot is functional, how the foot presses is found. If there is a defect in the printing, this will appear directly and the solution can be applied. It should not be forgotten that the main purpose of foot analysis is to protect and the secondary purpose is to produce a solution for the cause.