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Deformed Nail Care

About Deformed Nail Care

Deformed nail care may be necessary due to wrong shoe selection, wrong nail cutting, nail diseases and some genetic factors. Nail biting, lines and indentations in the nail means that there is deformation in the nail. Deformed nail care is done in foot health departments and these unwanted deformations are eliminated. There is aesthetic concern about deformed nails. Silk nail application is recommended for these patients. The problems that occur in your hands and feet are first examined with the help of expert podologists. Accordingly, correct maintenance information is provided. You will receive comfortable and friendly service during all examinations and treatments. Counseling is not just for pre-care or post-care. You can also get aftercare counseling. Podogs will closely monitor your recovery after care and answer any questions you may have.

Nail Deformation Due to Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is a common disease and once seen, it is likely to be seen again. Fungi choose damp and unhygienic places to live. Nails with fungus become sensitive. Over time, nail discoloration, thickening and nail loss occur in advanced cases. Self-treatment of nail fungus is out of the question. It must be treated with the necessary drugs. The treatment of fungus that settles under the nail is long-term and difficult. Therefore, the patient must be patient. Due to the deformation of the nail caused by the nail fungus, the patient may experience a lack of self-confidence and aesthetic anxiety. The changes that occur in the nail with nail fungus can be listed as follows:

  • yellowing of the nail,
  • nail pain,
  • Staining on the nail surface,
  • The nail begins to crumble,
  • Bad odor coming from the nail,
  • The nail becomes an easily brittle structure,
  • The formation of white and yellow lines on the nail will disturb the patient.

Care for Nail Deformation from Nail Fungus

Nail fungus care disappears when done with the necessary podology devices. Thanks to these devices, which offer an effective treatment, you can eliminate your aesthetic concerns and have healthy nails without having to wait for a long time. After the deformed nail care is done, the fungus will be cleared from the nail and the nail will continue to grow healthily. To get rid of nail fungus, experts may want to apply gel.

It should not be forgotten that there are some points that patients should pay attention to together with care, since the risk of recurrence of nail fungus is high. Fungi, just like other infectious diseases, occur when adequate care is not taken and hygiene rules are not observed. This situation, which starts with the nail color turning yellow, can cause nail loss if precautions are not taken. Since the fungus is highly contagious, other nails may be affected by the fungus and become infected.

Nail Deformation Caused by Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails cause complaints such as pain, redness and swelling in the nails of people. It is known that stinging is usually seen on the big toe. The nail normally grows into the nail bed. However, in case of ingrown toenails, the nail becomes embedded in the corner of the toenail. The nail remains in the skin. This causes inflammation over time. Along with the inflammation, symptoms of discharge, pain and swelling accompany the condition. Generally, situations such as not cutting the nail properly and choosing the wrong shoes cause ingrown nails. If the ingrown nail problem persists for a long time, severe pain may occur. Serious health problems may occur if the person who has ingrown toenails has diabetes. It is necessary not to pass as ingrown nails and to take the necessary precautions.

What are the Causes of Nail Deformation Caused by Ingrown Toenails?

Although the causes of ingrown nails are very diverse, the common ones can be listed as follows:

  • Changes in nail structure caused by trauma,
  • The toenail structure is very curved,
  • Improper applications such as pedicures,
  • Disproportion in nail size and nail bed dimensions,
  • Preferring socks and shoes that are narrow enough to cause toenails to be pinched,
  • In cases where the nails are cut too deep and incorrectly, the possibility of ingrown nails is quite high.

For deformed nails, treatment is applied with the help of advanced podology devices. Special nail ingrown tool is preferred for advanced cases. In some cases, wire application is made. In this way, you can get rid of ingrown nails without an operation.

What Can Be Done to Avoid Nail Deformation Caused by Ingrown Toenails?

To prevent ingrown nails, you can listen to the following suggestions:

  • When trimming your nails, make the corners straight.
  • Never cut your nails too short.
  • If you can’t cut your own nails, get professional help.
  • If you have circulation problems in your feet, make a medical foot care appointment without neglecting it.
  • Make sure your feet are always clean and dry.
  • Pay attention to foot hygiene.
  • Do not wear shoes that are too small for your feet.
  • Do not choose socks that are narrow enough to damage the structure of your feet.
  • Shoes that put pressure on your feet will cause health problems by putting pressure on your fingers. Avoid such shoes.
  • When you use socks, always choose cotton ones.

What are the Treatments for Nail Deformation Caused by Ingrown Toenails?

Ingrown toenail treatments can be selected according to the form of the disease, how far it has progressed, and the patient’s preference. Generally, the following methods are preferred for treatment:

  • omega wire system,
  • Podofix tape system,
  • sulci application,
  • BS tape system application,
  • You can get rid of ingrown nails by choosing 3TO spange application.

None of these apps will keep you from your social life. It also does not require you to make troublesome dressings. You are not asked to rest at home and interrupt your work. It is now possible to treat ingrown nails without loss of labor and time.

How to Choose Treatments for Nail Deformation Caused by Ingrown Toenails?

When choosing ingrown toenail treatments , specialist knowledge must be obtained. If the nail is removed from the nail bed too much, then fungal growth will be easier in the formed cavity. The nail will remain largely unprotected. For this reason, it is important for the specialist who will perform the operation for the wire application to choose a system suitable for the type of wreck. What works for one person may be harmful to another. In this regard, the person will have to avoid making decisions on his own and will definitely need to see an expert and follow the advice of an expert.

When is it necessary to go to the doctor for nail deformation caused by ingrown toenails?

It is necessary to go to the doctor for the treatment of ingrown nails , in cases where the pain is very severe, the pain spreads to the environment and there is burning in the stinging area. In mild cases, it is possible to treat ingrown nails at home. However, in some cases, it is necessary to consult a doctor without wasting time. Otherwise, the complications will increase even more. If people with ingrown nails have diseases such as atherosclerosis and diabetes, complaints about ingrown nails will be experienced intensely and increasing. Any disease that causes less blood flow to the feet will require emergency deforming nail care . When symptoms are experienced, go to the doctor without neglecting them and get help and regain your health. With the methods applied today, it is possible to get results without pain and in a short time.